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Surya Rajendhran



I'm Surya Rajendhran! I'm a developer, hacker, entrepreneur and writer. I like to work on cool products and love talking to interesting people.

I'm currently working as Senior Software Engineer at Purple Dot where I help the team build delightful preorder experiences for shoppers on Shopify. This is meaningful to me because I'm hoping one day preorders will be the key to reducing the huge amount of waste that fashion generates.

Before this, I helped build Krew as their Lead Developer. Imagine zoom but purpose-made for fitness. This was a meaningful experience for me because I was a fat kid and I've struggled with building a consistent fitness routine. So helping others achieve their fitness goals while having fun with their friends was really cool.

And finally, I built Scholared to make learning fun and fast. Having been the academically gifted student early on, I never learnt how to study for tests which is very different from actually learning. So I built something that will help others like me study without studying. The product at its heyday had 1900 students on it but I did it alone with the help of a few intern engineers so I was pretty burn out by the end of it. So I shut down the service and licensed the ensemble model I built in the process to an edtech startup that really needed it. Looking back at it, I probably just needed a vacation 😅

Other than that, I love TV Shows, karting (I have a video on my Youtube about it) and reading about interesting ideas (Big Think anybody?). If you feel like saying hi, you can always email me and I'm down to meet new people.

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